What is the Average NBA height of a player?

Height of an NBA player is an exciting topic to discuss among the upcoming players. They have always been thinking whether their size is right for the game or not. Height always has given advantages to most of the players as it makes it easy for them to dunk properly.  

Players are worried that their height might not be up to the average to get into the NBA. Average size also varies from position to position. Average height has changed a lot over the past years. Not every position requires a player to be tall. At some moments, skills also matter the most. This article will show you the average height variations at different positions.


Looking at the average height of players from the past few years it has changed drastically. Not only average height but also the average weight has changed and has changed from position to position. 

Height is something that is natural and is in nobody’s control. Proper nutrition at a younger age can help a lot. If we have a look at the year 1952, the average height of the player was around 6 foot 4 inches which gradually increased to about 6 foot 7 inches in the year 1987. Looking at the latest update over this topic, the average height of an NBA player in 2019-20 was 6 foot 6 inches. Controlling your height is not totally in your hands it is something that you inherit from your parents. 


Average height and weight of the players varies from position to position that will be discussed later in the article. Weight and size of a person are related to each other. If the player is tall, then the weight of the player should also be high accordingly. There is increased competition in the game, and the performance of the player does not depend solely on the height of the player. The performance also depends on the skills of the player.


Height favours some of the players playing at different positions. Mentioned below is the required information you need for every place:-

  1. Point guard:- Average height of a point guard in NBA has been revolving around 6 feet. However, an increment in the average size of a player at this position is quite noticeable. In the year 1987, the average height of a point guard was around 6 feet 3 inches. A player playing at this position is decided by the skills he has but height has always been the advantage at this position. The average height revolves around 6 feet 5 inches. And currently, Ben Simmons is the tallest point guard player with a height of 6 feet 10 inches.
  2. Power forward:- This is one of the positions that has noticed the most significant change in the average height of the player. The difference in the height has been stable at this position from 6 feet 7 inches to 6 feet 10 inches. The main focus if power forwards is basically on three-pointers. And there has been a decrease in weight by 10lbs in the past four years that has eventually lead to an improvement in the game of the player. 
  3. Small forward:- Seeing the average height and weight of the NBA players, you will all notice that small forwards are the tallest of all. The average size has increased from 6 feet 3 inches to 6 feet 8 inches. The height falls between 6 feet 5 inches to 6 feet 10 inches. The height increment can be easily noticed. 
  4. Center:- Centers are the same as power forwards if we compare them based on increment in the average height. The position has the tallest players in the game. If we look at the weight, it increased to 255 pounds in 2004. You cannot say that there is much difference in the average height of the player because it has been stable all these years and is revolving between 6 feet 11 inches to 7 feet. So, it can be said that weight is the only noticeable change in this position. 
  5. Shooting guard:- Players at this position are taller than the point guards. The average height of the shooting guard is between 6 feet 3 inches to 6 feet 5 inches. In the past few years point guards have turned out to be heavier and taller than the shooting guards. 


People reading this should know that yes height of a person is a advantage while playing this game but it is not everything that matter anything that matters the most is the skills. People having both skills and height are considered to be the perfect for the game but you should known that height is not everything that matters. This is something that is out of your reach. The only thing you can do is to take proper nutrition at a young because that is the age where everything changes.


People should try to improve their game rather than thinking height only matters. They should work upon their skills so that they turn out to be a better player. 

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