How To Shoot A Basketball Perfectly?

Shooting a basketball at the world-class level is a dream of every growing basketball player. Even though it’s a simple game, some might wonder how to shoot a basketball perfectly while some spend hundreds of hours in the backyard to perfect their shooting form, after trying to memorize their favourite player’s shooting techniques and trying to reconnect the same. In some cases, a few also run to different coaches but guess what, they all have their own techniques, and for the players who change a lot more coaches can get stuck in between different styles, “To dip or to focus on the rim front or trying to face the rim completely.” But this will never bring in the consistency which a good shooter might need. So, what to do? 

Simply give the below-mentioned a read, and the guide will surely help to understand and learn how to shoot a basketball correctly as we do understand, “Not all are gifted with the ability to shoot or an incredible height at the same time.

Facts about basketball

  • Shooting is a basic step to learn before trying to build a career in the game. Knowing how to shoot eases up the skills, including footwork, jumps, rebounding and alike.
  • A shooter isn’t born. They need the practice to develop as such. Therefore, the presence of a proper guideline is very important. 
  • The right hand or shooting hand helps in the target shoot, and the left hand or balanced hand helps in the consistent balancing of basketball. (The same changes if one is a left-handed player).


Steps to achieve the goal

Step 1- Get Prepared

It’s before receiving the basketball that one begins to be a great shooter. One must never overlook the step and follow simple rules to ensure preparedness.

  • Knees and hips and to be bent slightly- Straight legs catch will make one slow, and it’s better to keep knees in a ready motion.
  • Showing the target hands
  • Prepare for the shot mentally (for the better shooting of catch)

Step 2- Placing a hand on the ball after the catch

Quick adjustment of hand to have a correct position over basketball is required (shooting hand- under or behind basketball, balance hand- side of basketball). Never hold the ball “Y” (use “L” & “T”). Fingers and hand pads should touch a basketball, and one must spread the fingers comfortably wider on the basketball.

Step 3- Having a balanced base

Having a better shot begins with base, and if one isn’t able to get the shot correctly, it will be difficult for them to become a consistent shooter. Therefore, one must keep their feet narrow and the width of shoulders apart. Maintain the width and narrowness, or a perfect shot won’t be possible. Apart from it, one must also ensure to keep their dominant/shooting foot in front (slightly as it helps release the shoulder tension) and put the weight equally distributed on each of the feet. Do not lean on one end while trying to take the shot.

Step 4- Direction of the feet

A slight turn should be there while a player tries to shoot the basketball. Right-hand shooters should have 11 o’clock turn or slightly left turn, and the left-hand shooters should have 1 o’clock turn or slightly right. This is done to relieve the player’s body from tension (elbow and shoulder line up along with rim in a comfortable manner), that generally occurs while shooting with the base.

Step 5- Keeping shot pocket consistent

Shot pocket (most comfortable area of beginning the shot) is usually around the stomach, or lower chest and a player must ensure to find which one is more comfortable. So, before raising up for a shot, the player must bring back the basketball to the shot pocket.

Step 6- Keep an eye over fixing the target

It’s important, and most make the mistake of not doing the same. Therefore, one must locate a hoop destination early and focus one’s eye on the target and the rim. Changing the target continuously won’t allow one to become a consistent shooter.

Step 7- Slightly wrinkle the wrist

No straight wrist shot to be made, as this leads one to push the basketball or have a flat shot towards the rim. It won’t allow the basketball to get shot up and through. So, if you are still thinking of how to make every shot in basketball, learn and never repeat the mistake. Bend back the shooting hand wrist back, as far as can be done to get extra power for the shot.

Step 8- Elbow should be under the basketball

Upper and the lower arm should form the L shape with the wrist bent to 90 degrees. It allows the basketball to be shot perfectly in a straight line and have a better backspin. Do not flare the elbow; you will miss the shot.

Step 9- Balance/Non-shooting hand

This hand helps to balance the shot till the release point. The balance hand should be flat during the release, and if it isn’t, one will miss the shot.

Step 10- Ensure a rhythm shot with follow-through

Here basketball is to be lifted from the shot pocket while the hips and knees are straightened along with the shooting arm’s elbow. It also gets the balance hand to get released from the basketball to ensure it doesn’t push the ball. The two fingers (index and middle) should also touch the basketball at the same time. It will help to shoot better.


Basketball shooting form mistakes and their fixes

If you are wondering why do I keep missing shots in basketballs and how can I fix it, read the below-mentioned:

Not having enough Arc while shooting

If one has a flat shot, it will be difficult to be a great shooter. It happens because the player tries to push the basketball from the chest towards the rim and not shoot it into the air. To avoid this, the players must wrinkle the wrist, under the basketball, keep their elbow.

Using the balance hand thumb while pushing

The basketball is to be stabilized by the balanced hand till the point of release, and the dominant hand should ensure to do shooting 100%. This should be the thing to be done, but not always; one gets to have the same as many players use the balanced hand thumb for providing the shot with a little extra power. But this isn’t the necessity and is generally done by the young players when they shoot with both the hands, trying to compensate for the lack of strength.

With the players growing and gaining strength, they must stop the 2-handed shot and try to learn how they can shoot without using the balance hand thumb.

Follow your shot encouragement

A coach’s worst advice can be, “Follow your own shot.” These words have a negative impact. It not just ruins the shooting technique (lets them keep following their bad technique) but also puts them in the wrong mindset (they will miss the shot). The players must try to keep 100% focus on completing their routine of the full shot.

Why is becoming a great shooter important?

It is important because it helps one increase their chance of scoring the opportunities easily. It also helps increase the teammate scoring opportunities, and hence more points would be seen on the scoreboard. The same also proves how much effort one has put in on the game as the shooters aren’t born, and they are developed. It requires complete dedication and better coaches at times.


Final verdict

It has been made sure to cover the main factors above. Hope the same was helpful for understanding and applying the same in your next basketball game.

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